Server Rules

Updated 10/08/2023

 By closing out this window and playing on the server, you agree that you fully understand and will follow the rules and guidelines laid out on this page.


Section A: General Rules

 A1. Listen to staff instructions in staffing situations at all times.
A2. Be respectful to all players and do not specficially attempt to ruin other player's experience on the server.
Witchhunting (deliberate harrassment with intent to ruin another player's experience) is not allowed.

Witchhunting is considered but not limited to:

1. Constantly engaging in role play actions towards another player with malintent.
2. Engaging in slanderous comments (claims without proof) with intent to harass, perpetuate drama, or cause controversy  

A3. Do not impersonate staff members or other players.
A4. Do not intentionally abuse exploits, and report all exploits to a staff member.
   A5. Do not threaten or attempt to DDoS, DoS or crash the server in any way.
A6. Do not compromise the security of the server, staff members, or players of the server by Doxing or other methods.
A7. The use of any third party clients (hack clients, etc) is not allowed.
A8. Do not use alternate accounts to circumvent bans.
A9. AFKing is allowed, but staff members are allowed to change your job if you own no or a few entities on a high demand job.
A10. Agreements between players outside of the AtomicRP Garry's Mod server itself for in-game money, items, entities, etc are non enforceable by staff members.
A11. Exchanging of in-game money, items, entities, etc for outside resources (real world money, Steam items, etc) is not allowed.
A12. Selling or reselling of purchased ranks or custom classes for in-game money or outside resources (real world money, Steam items, etc) is not allowed.

A13. RDM, MRDM and ARDM is not allowed

Random Deathmatch (RDM) is when a player kills another player for no valid reason (lack of role play, etc).
Mass Random Deathmatch (MRDM) is when a player kills three or more players in a short period of time for no valid reason (lack of role play, etc). 
Attempted Random Deathmatch (ARDM) is when a player attempted to kill another player(s) for no valid reason (lack of role play, etc).

A14. RDA, MRDA and ARDA is not allowed

Random Arrest (RDA) is when a player arrests another player for no valid reason (lack or role play, etc).
Mass Random Arrest (MRDA) is when a player arrests three or more players in a short period of time for no valid reason (lack of role play, etc).
Attempted Random Arrest (ARDA) is when a player attempted to arrest another player(s) for no valid reason (lack of role play, etc).   

A15. Scamming is not allowed

Scamming is when a player engages in a deceptive act to coerce or convince another player into any form of
exchange for anything regarding to VortexRP for nothing or something miniscule in return.

Section B: Chat Rules

B1. English is the primary language on VortexRP, and is expected to be used in adverts and communicating with staff members.
B2. Other languages other than English are allowed to be spoken as long as you continue to follow the rules.
B3. Advertising other Garry's Mod servers, Discord communities, or other video game communites is not allowed.

B4. Targeted use of language towards other players in a way that can be interpreted as racism or hate speech is not allowed.
Context matters, staff members have final say over situations relating to targeted use of language.
Examples of language, but not limited to:

- N-Word, F-Word, R-Word
- Rape or Incest
B5. Sexual harrassment and misconduct is not allowed.
We take sexual harrassment and misconduct seriously, and want to keep our players safe. Please report these incidents immediently to management staff members.
Please do not publicize these incidents to the community, as it only causes more drama and turmoil.

Section C: Prop Rules

C1. Prop-Minging is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: prop climbing, prop spamming or prop shielding.
C2. Prop-block is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:

- Blocking off flag territories to prevent capture
- Blocking off other players' builds
- Blocking off important NPCs or entities
- Blocking access or exit of spawn areas 

C3. Placing props or entities in spawn areas or spawn tunnels is not allowed. 
C4. Bodyblocking players is not allowed.
C5. Player builds that can be interpreted as racist or hateful is not allowed.
C6. Physgunning of cameras, props or textscreens into another player's base is not allowed. 
C7. Builds that cause controversy will be removed or alterted at staff discretion.

Section D: NLR Rules

D1. When defending your base, and you are killed, you are not allowed to come back to kill the person(s)
who killed you and you cannot inhibit their ability to raid or interfere in any way for five minutes.
D2. After being killed from someone for role playing reasons, you cannot attempt any role play actions on them
(mugging, kidnapping, raiding/territory capture, etc) for five minutes.

- All role play actions have a five minute cooldown to do them to another player (ten minutes to do it to the same person).
- Preforming multiple role play actions in quick succession is not allowed.

Section E: Role Play Action Rules

Raiding Rules

E1. Only jobs with (Can Raid) in their F4 menu job description are allowed to raid.
E2. Any form of raid (Party, PD, Bank, etc) must begin from the entrance of the base or building that is being raided.
E3. Raids last only ten minutes, and begin when a raiding tool is used (keypad, lockpick, EMP) or a advert is called.
E4. Solo raiders do not need to advert a raid, but party raids do need to advert. Solo raiders cannot party raid.
E5. Raiders that want to raid together must be in a party. Do !party in-game to start a party.
E6. Raiders can only raid bases that do not have a RP Build or Building text screen signs.
E7. All Bank and PD raids must be adverted (including solo raids).
E8. If you are using raiding tools to enter an area, you are KOS to the owner of the area regardless of if there is a sign.

Defending Rules

E9. Destroying the valuables in your base, leaving the server, or changing jobs to circumvent the consequences of losing a raid is not allowed.
E10. Making changes to your base during a raid is not allowed.
E11. You cannot create a base around a player when kidnapping a player.
E12. Relocking or closing world entity doors after they have been opened during a raid is not allowed.          

Mugging Rules

E13. Only jobs with (Can Mug) in their F4 menu job description are allowed to mug.
E14. The maximum you can mug for is $10,000.
E15. All mugs must be adverted. 
E16. When mugging, the mugger must give the victim ten seconds to drop the money before killing the victim.
E17. The person being mugged must be aware they are being mugged.
E18. FearRP is not allowed.       

Kidnapping Rules

E19. Only jobs with (Can Kidnap) in their F4 menu job description are allowed to kidnap.
E20. When kidnapping,the kidnapper must advert the kidnap.
E21. The maximum ransom for a kidnap is $50,000.
E22. When handcuffs are placed on the victim, the kidnapper is allowed to keep them for ten minutes if the ransom is not paid.
E23. The kidnapper is allowed to kill the victim after ten minutes if the ransom is not paid.
E24. The victim is not allowed to use raiding tools to escape a kidnapping.

Warning Rules

E25. As any job, if you are bothered or you are being harassed by another player, you can advert a warn.
E26. After adverting a warn to a player three times, you are allowed to kill them.
E27. Each warn must have three seconds in between each advert.
E28. If the player you are warning stops annoying you, you cannot kill the player.
E29. If you are being warned by another player, you are not allowed to fight back until you are damaged.

Hit Rules

E30. Jobs that are able to take hits in the !hits menu are not allowed to be in a party.
E31. As a Hitman, do not take hits on the same person multiple times in a short time period.
E32. As a Hitman, you cannot tell someone to place a hit on another person.

Countering Rules

You can only counter if:

E33. You are in a party with the victim of the role play action.
E34. You are law enforcement.

Miscellaneous Rules

E35. Stealing is allowed without needing an advert. You can KOS someone who steals something from you
This does not apply to weapon ammo or dropping small amounts of money.
E36. Crossfire is not a valid advert.
E37. Multi-adverts and colored adverts are not allowed, and the use of them will be treated as if you didn't do it at all.
E38. Using killbinds and entering spawn to advert role play situations is not allowed.
E39. The act of raidbaiting is not allowed
Raidbaiting is when you get a player to enter your KOS, Building or RP-Build zone for an item or valuable and proceeding to KOS them.
E40. Weapon checks are an action that can be preformed by law enforcement at any time, for any reason.
KOSing law enforcement for checking weapons is not allowed.
E41. Using handcuffs or stun stick on another player for no reason is not allowed.

Section F: Gang Rules

F1. All criminals, gangs or donation job categories within a colored flag territory are KOS to one another.
F2. Players may only defend and attack flags as jobs within the criminals, gangs or donator job categories.   

Section G: Basing Rules

Location Rules

G1. You can not build in a way that blocks or restricts access to any NPCs or entities,
G2. You can not build in a way that blocks or restricts player's ability to travel freely around the map.
G3. A base location can only take up one building, or one rooftop.
G4. No building of anything that is inside, above or on the sidewalk of the fountain area. 
G5. To have it considered that you own a base location, you must own all the corresponding doors that encompass your building.
Buildings that do not have any doors, it is first come, first serve to whoever places props or a textscreen sign in that area.      
G6. Jobs with door ownership can only base in the building with their respected ownership.
Bases that are connected to any job basd locations are not allowed. 
G7. Only one base is allowed to be built per party basing.
G8. The use of props or entities in tunnels is not allowed.

Entryway Rules

G9. A base can have a maximum of four keypad doors in the entry pathway. Each of those doors must only open once on entry and exit.
G10. Each keypad door must have a hold length of five seconds minimum, with no initial delay.
G11. Opening fading doors using keybinds are not allowed. Keypads must be used for fading doors at all times.
G12. The space betwee one keypad door and another must be able to fit a minimum of one "cube025x3x025" prop horizontally.
The space between one keypad door and another can be a maximum of one "plate16" prop, It cannot take more than three
"plate16" props to get to valuables.
G13. The use of keypads and buttons to disorient or throw off a raider is not allowed.
G14. Maze base designs with more than six 90 degree turns are not allowed.
G15. Base designs that require a raider to exit the standing state at any point to enter the base are not allowed. This applies to props and use of the map.
G16. Blackout, texturized, or invisible base designs that impede a raiders ability to enter are not allowed.
G17. Base designs that make use of drop boxes, or forces the player to slide are not allowed.
G18. Base designs that make use of water segments in the loot pathway to gain an advantage against raiders are not allowed.
G19. Pixel Perfect entryway are not allowed.
G20. Usage of doors locked in the "open" state to impede the raiders' ability to raid is not allowed.

Shooting Window Rules

G21. A base must be designed in a way where both parties can see and shoot at one another during a raid.
This also applies to bases that make use of render distance.
G22. Making use of tinited shooting blinds or opacity to disorient a raider's aim is not allowed.
G23. Making use of a "headglitch" whereby the top of the player's head is the only visible part is not allowed.
The entire head of a player should be visible.
G24. "World Glow Glitch" props are allowed, but they are not allowed to be shot through during a raid.
G25. Shooting blinds are allotted a minimum width and height of one "cube05x05x05" prop.
G26. All buttons used to open shooting blinds in a base must be binded to one key.
G27. All buttons used to open a fading doored props must be put on toggle mode.
G28. Killbox base designs are not allowed.
G29. The use of no-collided props in a base design are not allowed.

Sign Rules

G30. There are three allowed sign types:

- KOS and AOS signs used to show that entering an area makes you kill or arrest on sight.
- Building signs used to show there are no raidabls and that base is under construction.
- RP Build signs used to show that your complete build has no raidables, and is for role play only.
Players using RP Build signs can ignore the rules on entryways and shooting blinds.

G31. KOS, building, and RP signs must be size 40 textscreen and above.
G32. Make KOS signs as specific as possible. Staff has final say on KOS signs.
G33. KOS, building and RP signs are not allowed to be blended into the background of whatever they are placed on.
G34. KOS, building and RP signs must be easily visible, at the front enterence of the base or build.
G35. RP build sign bases and players are not allowed to partake in activities that can get you raided. Only hitmen can raid your base.
G36. You cannot stack multiple types of signs, you are only allowed to have one type of sign placed at a time.
G37. All party bases or builds must have the name of their party listed on the front door of the base or building.

Section H: Job Rules

Government Rules

H1. As law enforcement, there is a distinct difference between a arrestable offence, and a killable offence.

- Killable offence: any crime that puts the lives of you, fellow officers or citizens at risk, or a crime where the perpetrator refuses to listen to orders.
Arrestable offence: Any crime where you, fellow officers or citizens are not in immediate risk.

H2. As a law enforcement officer, you must advert raids with a search warrant with a valid reason from the mayor to check a base for valuables.
H3. The following types of laws are not allowed:

-  Laws that punish jaywalking in any way.
- Laws that involve KOS punishments.
- Laws that put a group or person above the law.
- Laws that make a group or person AOS.
- Making "all weapons" AOS.
- Making "weapons out" AOS.
- Laws that directly conflict with default laws.
- Laws that seriously inhibit the flow of normal roleplay.

H4. Law enforcement are not allowed to taze random players without reason.
H5. The mayor's office is automatically KOS to anyone that is not the Mayor or the Mayor's Wife.
H6. To make the Police Department KOS, there must be a KOS sign.
H7. Killing people in their jail cells while they are arrested is not allowed.
H8. Placing keypad doors in or prop blocking jail cells is not allowed.
H9. Law enforcement are allowed to collect bail, but not through keypads.
H10. Law enforcement can place KOS signs outside of jail cells.
H11. As law enforcement, you are allowed to do /warrant when:

- There is a valid, reasonable suspission that the base you are warranting contains illegal items.
- You recieve testimony and proof from another player of illegal items in a property.
Any other warrants are considered FailRP.

H12. As law enforcement, you are only allowed to base inside the police department.
H13. A lockdown can only last a maximum of ten minutes, per every thirty minutes.
H14. "Inside" is only considered to be inside a world building.
H15. Law enforcement jobs cannot base or party with non-law enforcement jobs.